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Setting up some very nice new PCs

1 year ago

Technology changes lives ❤️😎


1 year ago
Cyber-attack! Would your firm handle it better than this?

What's it like being the victim of a live cyber-attack? What should you do to protect your company from further damage? And should you pay that ransom demand? Great read from the BBC

There's a right way and a wrong way to deal with cyber-attack. How does this fictional company do?

1 year ago

If you get an email like this, contact us immediately. "I know XXXXXX one of your pass word. Lets get right to purpose. None has paid me to check you. You do not know me and you're most likely wondering why you're getting this e mail?"

1 year ago

Most of our work is on software. But some days we get out the screwdrivers!

1 year ago

Friday night working on web migrations - we know how to party!

1 year ago

The average cost of a data breach is $3.8M US. Protecting your customers also means protecting your business and your staff. When did you last review your systems and policies against the Australian Privacy Principles?
If you have customers in the EU, GDPR comes into effect in May and applies to businesses in Australia with very stringent data protection requirements and large penalties for non-compliance. Let us know if you need help with a review to come into compliance.

1 year ago

Was your data shared in the Cambridge Analytica breach? if any of your friends logged into thisisyourdigitallife app, your data may have been shared. Click this link to find out:

1 year ago
Fix it, dispose responsibly and buy better – how to choose more ethical tech

Before you throw it out and get a new one, it’s worth looking into repair or upgrade - for environmental reasons as well as cost. When buying new hardware, lifespan is an import factor. Paying a bit more for something that can be upgraded is good for the environment and much better value in the long run.

Technology should make our lives easier but it often makes life hell for those who make it and pollutes the environment

1 year ago

With all the media coverage of what social media are doing with your personal data, it’s worth having a look at your digital footprint. Many of us have third party apps access to our data enabled from years ago. Spring cleaning is always a good idea!
In Facebook go to Settings / Apps and you can see which apps have access to what and revoke permission for any older apps you no longer use. You may be surprised how many there are.

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