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Parental controls are a tricky topic. With increase in school BYOD programs (laptops and iPad) things are getting much more complex. Do you want to stop your kids googling, or just know what they are looking at? Controls for a 10 year old are different to controls for a 15 year old, but what if you have both in your home? What about access time? You can manage this through software, or many routers can time limit network or machine access. For BYOD programs - if you've got controls, they may conflict with what school requires and vice versa. Let us know your thoughts, and share this post! - oh and if you want to test your home network, go to google now and search on something naughty 😉

2 years ago

This week I have been working on website modernisation for a local business; a few machines that refused to come back after Windows updates; a whole lot of machines with email problems; machines that wouldn’t start and needed replacement hard drives; and this - once was a working laptop and will be again soon.

2 years ago

Welcome to the start of the school year! If you need help setting up BYOD laptops or iPads with virus protection or parental controls let me know. If you want to check your parental controls - hop on your kid’s device while on your home network and do a spot of googling for things you hope they are not googling for and see what happens. Rik 0408314814

2 years ago

Don’t worry, we’ve seen it ALL. If you find yourself in this kind of situation give Rik a call on 0408 314 814. No judgment.

Shout out to your local IT person.

2 years ago

Need help setting up that new Christmas gift or getting parental controls in place? give Rik a quick call on 0408 314 814 - he has some booking slots in the next few days and can pop out and give you a hand.

2 years ago

Taking care of your IT emergencies right through the silly season! Rik is on call for businesses and homes in Bayside on the festive Vespa for speed of response. Stay safe, happy holidays and don’t click on that link!

2 years ago

Getting your head around a BYOD program for your kids’ school for 2018?
iPad: Set up your new iPad with recommended iCloud & iTunes settings, parental controls, and a check of your home wireless network. Topics covered: iCloud, iTunes, family sharing, email, imessage, app recommendations, parental control applications, family safe browser and DNS settings, backup options.
Laptop: advice purchasing to meet School requirements and support similar to iPad includes antivirus, parental controls, family safe browsing, backups and more.
Rik can come to your home during daytime or evening hours. Message here or call 0408 314 814.

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