Islamic State hack targets blind PC users

We received a call from a client where we support his home PC software earlier in the week. This client is visually impaired, and uses screen-reading software to speak out emails and webpages. He reported a rather disturbing message when he turned his PC on – his PC kept saying “Greetings on behalf of the Islamic state. The time of repentance is here”.

He turned his PC off straight away and gave us a call, as he found it quite disturbing to be receiving spoken messages from the Islamic State in his home!

On investigation, it turned out the provider of his screen-reading software, GW Micro, had been the subject of a hack attack in the name of Islamic State, and thousands of other blind users had also receive the same message whilst using their computers.

After a software update and malware check, all was good again, but it’s a somewhat chilling reminder that the world is now more connected than ever, and it’s important to take precautions with our PC, and personal, security.


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