Adware and Malware alert – and prevention tips

I’m seeing more and more machines infected with adware, malware and unwanted “crapware“.

This software slows down your machine, can take over your search results, and prevent you getting to the sites you trust. It also opens up the potential for your machine to be hijacked and your personal details stolen.

In severe cases, it can prevent you being able to use your machine at all, or prevent web browsing.


So, how do you make infection unlikely?

  1. Make sure your machine is running antivirus software and up to date
  2. Make sure your PC firewall is turned on
  3. Apply all the recommended updates from your Operating System manufacturer (Microsoft, Apple, Linux etc)
  4. Don’t click on banner ads to install “free” tuneup or backup software. This is almost always bogus!


In future posts, I’ll cover:

  • My current recommendations for the best paid and free antivirus and antimalware software
  • My favourite virus and malware removal tools
  • How to keep your phones and tablets safe
  • How to keep your identity safe online


What do I do if I’m infected?

Contact Bayside PC Services (0408 314 814 or email if you need us to clean up your machines, or install antivirus and malware solutions that work!