Bayside PC Services

It’s not a matter of what happens if your PC or Mac breaks down. It’s a matter of what happens when your PC or Mac breaks down.
What happens to your key documents? your precious photos and memories?
It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? So put your mind at ease and make sure your computers are looked after by experts who can help you protect your valuable data.

We’re Bayside PC Services, and we’re your friendly local experts for computer support.
Based locally in Bayside, we take care of the tech stuff for businesses and families from Elsternwick to Beaumaris, from Brighton to Braeside.

So, how can we help you?

Our Services

System troubleshooting and repairs

Has your laptop stopped working? Will your machine no longer boot? Can’t get it to open your documents any more? Are there error messages you can’t fix? We have over 30 years fixing all kinds of problems on laptops, desktops, POS machines, EFTPOS pinpads, servers, printers and more. If it has a power cord, we can diagnose the problem, and fix it, or recommend another solution to get you back in business ASAP.

System upgrade planning and installation

What are your needs? We talk you through the most efficient and affordable options, and recommend a new system that will last. Then we will help you find the best price and the right vendors, and get everything set up and running.

Internet and network setup and troubleshooting

The Internet is great when it works, but problems result in bumpy, unreliable access and machines that won’t talk to each other. We can solve any problems for you, including recommending the right Internet provider and plan that fits your particular requirements, and setting it all up for you.

Tuneup service – speed up your PCs

Over time, your machines slow down as software (both wanted and unwanted) is downloaded. We are experts in cleaning your machines and installing updates to help make everything run smoothly again – so you get speedier computers and devices, without needing to upgrade.

Virus and malware removal and prevention

Viruses and malware slow down your computers, steal information and corrupt files – often without you realising. If your machines are misbehaving, this is the number 1 cause! We clean out the bad software from your systems, and install anti-virus and anti-malware programs that actually work. Keep your precious data, information and bank details safe by having an intensive audit and clean-up process run on your systems.

Lost data and photo recovery

Has your device become corrupted, or you've accidentally deleted files? Don’t lose your precious photos or files forever - let us retrieve them. Don’t wait – contact us as soon as possible if this happens!

Website design and hosting

Setting up a new website by yourself isn't easy. Take the hard work away:
  • Are you choosing the correct structure? What’s right for you - blogging software, off-the-shelf software or a custom design?
  • Domain registration and hosting.
  • Need marketing and design services too? We've chosen the best web designers and copywriters around, if you need a complete solution.

Forensic PC analysis

Do you suspect something isn't right in your business?  Need to know what has been happening on a computer? Draw on our experience at reviewing downloads, software, systems access, Internet usage, and more. We create a picture of how your staff member uses business time and whether they engage in fraudulent, illegal or inappropriate activities on your machines. Strict confidentiality applies, of course.

Installation of family-safe Internet controls

The Internet is an amazing resource, providing open access to ideas, research and entertainment. Unfortunately, a lot of content out there isn’t appropriate in a family situation. Why not lock down your computers and home Internet so your kids can only access safe sites?  

Educational software recommendation and installation

We can recommend the best educational software for your child's needs. Set up your child's iPad, PC or Mac with tools that will help their education, rather than just Minecraft!

Onsite hands-on training and tutoring

Are you getting the most out of the software and devices you use? Would you and your staff benefit from practical, hands-on training?
  • All versions of Windows
  • iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet and email
  • At your offices, home or our premises
We're specialists in small to medium businesses, return-to-work and training older users to be Internet-aware.

Computer, iPads, devices and TV buying advice, setup and installation

We love gadgets and everything technical, and have been operating in this space for nearly 30 years. Need help choosing a new TV or home theatre, or setting it up? Let us optimise your office, home and educational equipment without spending thousands on equipment you don’t really need.

Bayside PC Services

Address: PO Box 439, Bentleigh 3204
Phone: 0408 314 814